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What is the Strategic Investor Club? 

Thinking about entering the real estate investing game? Then the Strategic Investor Club is the best place to start. For everyone who wants to feel confident and comfortable making smart and reliable investing decisions, the Strategic Investor Club is your first step towards real estate investing success. Click here to access our application form or keep reading to find out if the Strategic Investor Club is right for you.

Strategic Investor Club Benefits

  • Your one-stop-shop to real estate investing. Each investment property you own comes with an investor's manual. Your manual includes all the purchase information and property documentation for your new investment property. You can use this manual to compile and organize all your legal documents, financial statements, and property management information in one place, ready to reference any time you need it.

  • Detailed Reporting. Our professional property management associates provide investors with comprehensive monthly and annual financial statements & reports.

  • Continuing education throughout the course of your investment. We don't give you a biased-in-our-favor education. We educate you about investing as a whole, to give you a strong foundation on which to build a safe, secure, and well-diversified investment portfolio that will provide sizable returns for many years to come.

  • Our Method and Expertise. The diagram below shows our in-depth real estate investing process. By joining the Strategic Investor Club, you get access to our entire wealth of knowledge and proven method of acquiring successful real estate investing properties.

Strategic Investor Club Program

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Common Questions

How can I increase my standard of living when I'm retired? Can investing in real estate allow me to retire a wealthy man/woman?

A: The STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM's method of real estate investing allows you to create a strong retirement fund while giving you more time, freedom, and peace of mind to enjoy what you love, now. Time, freedom, and peace of Mind are assets you can't put a price on. Our Strategic Investor Club educational resources teach you how to optimize your investment strategy to get the most out of your investments.

I don't have time to manage a real estate property. I already have a full-time job.

A: Lucky for you, our team does most of the work for you. We connect you with our trusted network of professionals to make the process easy. Our strategic alliances in the legal, financial, and property management sectors reliably maintain your investment, and give you detailed reports on the status of your property, monthly and annually.

I don't know enough about the rental market to feel confident purchasing an investment property in Canada.

A: Our licensed real estate advisors are well-versed in the Canadian real estate market. We only partner with building developers who meet our stringent criteria and build in sustainable and steady housing markets that have a history of perpetual growth. We work with you one-on-one to determine where the best investment opportunity is for your financial picture.

I don't want to spend hours trying to find Canadian investment properties. The market is so competitive and properties sell so quickly.

A: We give our Strategic Investor club members priority access to up and coming real estate investment opportunities. We partner with building developers across the country and offer only the best investment options to our clients, before the public is aware. Plus, the educational resources you receive as a Strategic Investor Club member will prepare you to make an informed purchasing decision when the time is right.

I don't want to go through all the paperwork, legalities, property assessments and home inspections.

A: We've been in the business a long time and know what it takes to make a property ready for purchase. Our network of experienced, accountants, lawyers, and other industry specialists do their due diligence to ensure your purchasing and financing process goes smoothly. Before you sign any documents, you can rest easy knowing that the properties we offer are solid investments and that we've done our due diligence to make your life easier.

How will I know if the property is a good investment over time? What if it's not giving me great returns?

A: We review your financial portfolio with you every year to ensure that your investments are operating at the optimum level. We can recommend new investment opportunities to further add to your growing wealth. We also make selling investment properties as easy as purchasing, by connecting you with local realtors who understand our systems and can get you the best price when you're ready to sell.

What are my financing options when working with Strategic Investment Realty to purchase an investment property in Canada?

A: The network of professionals available to our Strategic Investor Club members are some of the best in the industry and they offer unbeatably competitive rates to our loyal investor club members.

Do you still have questions about the Strategic Investor Club? Fill out our contact form and we'd be happy to answer any additional questions you have about joining the best investor club in Canada.

My wife and I are very conservative investors.  We were told about Andrew and SIR but we waited for a couple of years before we made our first purchase. We couldn't believe how easy it was. Andrew was a big part of the process by making himself available every step of the way. He was never pushy.  Andrew was always patient and we felt like he was a champion for our needs.  Even after the deal was done he is always available for questions.  We would highly recommend his service and will definitely use it again.  Our only regret is that we didn't to this sooner.
—Kevin B., Strategic Investor Club Member

Why Do I Need To Join An Investor Club Now?

Well, for starters, we're not just a real estate investor club. Many investor clubs are groups of people learning the industry together and sharing ideas about how to be successful in the competitive investing game. We have a method to our success and we're ready to share it with you. As a Strategic Investor Club Member, you get:

  • ONE-ON-ONE access to an experienced licensed real estate advisor who will match you with the best investment for your financial picture.
  • PRIORITY access to individually titled multi-family revenue-producing properties in areas with proven growth stability over time. (We invest in these properties ourselves, so we put our money where our mouth is.)
  • FULL-SERVICE INVESTING ASSISTANTS. We educate you on what you need to know before you invest, connect you with our network of like-minded industry professionals, and facilitate the entire real estate investing experience from start to finish. We go above and beyond to ensure you are confident, well-informed, and successful in your investing endeavors.

I wish I had started investing sooner! 

Don’t waste your time or potential profits by analyzing and agonizing over the decision to start investing. Join the Strategic Investor Club today and start capitalizing on our revenue-producing, residential real estate investment opportunities right away. With our  100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Become a Strategic Investor Club Member in Two Easy Steps 

Step 1: Fill out our Strategic Investor Club Membership form online. 

Step 2: Submit your form by email, mail or fax! 

303-1338 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 1H2

Once your form has been received, one of  our advisors  will contact you to confirm your information and discuss membership details and enrollment fee terms. 

That’s it! Becoming a Strategic Investor Club member is your first step to becoming educated about real estate investing and the solid investment opportunities we have to offer. 

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Member Enrolment Fee Details & 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee 

An enrolment fee of $497.00 (plus GST or HST depending on the province in which you reside) will be due at the time your application for membership is approved. There is an annual renewal fee due on the sign up anniversary in the amount of $97 (plus GST or HST depending on the province in which you reside), which may be waived based upon certain criteria being met. 

Our 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee commences from the effective date on your application form. We guarantee that should you decide for any reason that you do not wish to continue your membership, you may cancel your membership with written notice and receive a full refund providing you have not purchased a property through the STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM and all materials are returned.