Blog posts 2011

By Andrew Schulhof, 13 Dec 2011

With the ever changing commentaries on the Real Estate Markets in both Canada and the U.S. it is hard to really understand where they are going. Every week there seems to be a number of opinions: the Canadian real estate market is fine, or it is in a bubble situation, or the US market has hit bottom and now is the time to buy, or it is going for another drop, or it is on the rise.

By Andrew Schulhof, 30 Aug 2011

This segment has little to do with the business of Real Estate, but more to do with businesses in general. In fact it has more to do with people and the relationships that can and are formed through businesses.

Earlier this month, along with my brainstorming mastermind group, I spent two full days in an amazing and intensive learning session with Anurag Gupta of The Difference Engine.

By Andrew Schulhof, 28 Jun 2011

There are many different real estate calculations used in the analysis of properties and their performance, but for many beginner investors it can be confusing to know which formulas to use, when to use them and why use them. Many of these formulas are used when analyzing single properties and multi-family properties.

Presented below are the more popular real estate calculations, explain their purpose and include the formula.

By Andrew Schulhof, 28 Apr 2011

As an real estate investor the bottom line is always important. Improve the bottom line can come in the form of increasing rental income, additional income but also decreasing operating expenses. In any case property improvements are necessary and they can amount to large expenses depending on what improvements you are making.