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By Andrew Schulhof, 26 Jun 2017
10 Real Estate Investor Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

There’s lots of information about all the attributes of real estate investing on the internet, but I believe every investor also benefits from understanding the most common real estate investor mistakes and how to avoid them. To help you, in this article, I’m going to share the ten of the most common mistakes that I have seen property investors make, as well as, some tips on how you can avoid or overcome these mistakes and succeed with your real estate investing:

By Andrew Schulhof, 27 Apr 2017

How do you win with tenants and property management to be a successful landlord? It seems to be an obvious question, but what I have found is there are many moving parts to this answer and the devil is always in the details. Why are tenants and property management such critical factors in rental real estate? They are critical factors as they play such an integral role in investment real estate, and in my experience not everything goes according to plan. That even goes for those strategies that may not include the idea of renting out a property.

By Andrew Schulhof, 24 Feb 2017
Apply the 80/20 Rule to real estate investing