Buying Investment Real Estate in Canada

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to buy investment real estate property in Canada or the United States. Buying property in Canada for investment purposes can be daunting for both foreign investors and Canadians, but THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM is committed to making real estate investing in Canada simple for busy employees, business owners, and individuals looking for a hassle-free, “armchair investment” experience. 

Steps to Buy Investment Real Estate Property in Canada 

Step One: Determine Investment Objectives 

Clarifying your investment objectives is an essential first step on the path towards becoming a real estate investor. Taking into account your monetary goals, retirement timeline, and risk tolerance is a crucial first step to buying investment real estate property. Our real estate investment advisors are available to meet with you to discuss the details before you ever begin looking at investment properties in Canada, to ensure you are making smart and sustainable investment decisions.  

>> If you're a non-resident of Canada and interested to invest in Canadian real estate, please review this information here. <<

Step Two: Develop A Strategic Action Plan 

Do you want to gain a passive monthly income, increase your net worth, begin a college fund for your children or grandchildren, or perhaps leave behind a legacy – or a combination of these? Once you’ve determined your investment objectives and goals, it’s time to create a strategic action plan for fulfilling on those goals. 

A thorough plan for buying investment real estate property in Canada will include: 

  • A clear picture of your financial position 

  • An outline of your future financial requirements 

  • A calculation of your cash flow and financial responsibilities or requirements 

  • Steps to take to reach your financial objectives, and 

  • A realistic timeline for implementing the action plan  

When you join the strategic investor club, you get a designated team of real estate investing experts committed to your investing success. THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM and our network of professional associates guide you through every step of the investing process, starting with the development of an executive real estate investing action plan that meets your financial objectives.  

Step Three: Take Action 

Once you have a comprehensive picture of your financial position and have met with a real estate advisor to outline a feasible investment plan, all that’s left to do is take action. Our real estate advisors connect you with the resources you need to learn how to become a successful real estate investor, and regularly review your strategic action plan with you to ensure your real estate investments are adding value to your retirement portfolio. Contact us today to see how THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM can set you firmly on the path to reaching your financial goals. 

We look forward to providing you with the resources you need to seamlessly buy real estate investment properties in Canada and the United States. Contact a real estate advisor today to get started!