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By Andrew Schulhof, 22 Dec 2014
My top successful real estate investing rules

Investing in real estate is a rewarding endeavour – financially and intellectual, but it can also be full of pitfalls if you don’t approach this type of investing in the right way. Whether you’re a first time investor or a seasoned one, my top successful real estate investing rules will help you get organized, choose the right investment, manage your investment and achieve your investment goals.

By Andrew Schulhof, 28 Oct 2014
Knowing when to sell an investment property!

Why would I talk to my investors about knowing when to sell an investment property when I’m in the business of finding great properties to purchase for investment?

By Andrew Schulhof, 29 Aug 2014
SPECIAL REPORT: There’s Alberta’s Economy and then there is the rest of Canada!

By Andrew Schulhof, 28 Aug 2014
Which is the better property investment? A single family dwelling or a multi-family dwelling?

We come to real estate investment for various reasons. In my experience, investing is usually a means to an end such as creating a desired lifestyle now or at a future time. You’ve already made the decision to invest in residential real estate and now you’re trying to determine which type.

By Andrew Schulhof, 26 Jun 2014
Rental property inspections – Crucial to your success!
By Andrew Schulhof, 29 Apr 2014
Finding great cash flow properties is easy, right? All you need to do is simply search for a property at an advantageous price that you can rent for a certain amount, so that you realize the expected income after the usual expenses associated with buying a rental property. It seems easy on the surface. However, there’s more to consider...
By Andrew Schulhof, 27 Feb 2014
Your tenants are the real “golden goose” that provide you with a monthly golden egg and your investment property is the nest that they stay in. Whether you manage your property(ies) yourself, are part of a rental pool with professional management in place or are an individual with property management in place – it’s important to keep your tenants happy and convert them to long term tenants, what I like to call residents.
By Andrew Schulhof, 14 Dec 2013

Managing all aspects of your real estate investments should be considered a business and as such should be taken seriously for a number of reasons. A major one is how it is going to be treated for income tax purposes. In the following article I will be going through what I think are the top tax tips for real estate investing.

By Andrew Schulhof, 26 Oct 2013
So what are the top 5 real estate investing mistakes to avoid? As a real estate investor for the last 20+ years, I have experienced what only can be described as the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry. From managing properties myself to working with professionals, I have discovered that the small details can make a huge difference to your real estate investing success.
By Andrew Schulhof, 26 Aug 2013

With almost five years of historically low rates, in July we witnessed yet more mortgage rate changes in Canada that may not be so temporary. There was especially some upward movement in the 5 year fixed rate mortgages.  These changes have since leveled off, but this may be the beginning of the end of the historical low interest rate party.



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