Stefan Schulhof

Alberta Broker / Real Estate Advisor

I think investors appreciate my hands-on experience with real estate: Being a condominium board member, rental pool direction, supervisor/site superintendent and owner of seven properties. I am also the managing broker for Strategic Investment Realty in Alberta.

For my clients, I’m proud to be able to provide tried and tested guidance based on 31 years of business experience.

A personal and professional strength of mine is creativity and innovation. I’m motivated to overcome challenges and develop solutions; enabling my clients to create an income that will last their lifetime. I’ve also been told I have a great sense of humour. I’ll leave that assessment up to you.

3 Reasons I Love Real Estate Investing Are:

  1. Retirement income
  2. Equity flexibility
  3. Someone other than yourself is paying off your mortgage

Condominium Board Positions

  • Current Board of Directors Raymond Shores RV Resort-VP & Communications Director
  • Past member of the Board of Managers - Rocky Mountain Court, Calgary
  • Past president of the Board of Managers - Rocky Mountain Court Rental Association, Calgary
  • Past member of the Strata Council - 1188 Richards St., Vancouver

Education and Certification

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Alberta
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Waterskiing and snow skiing
  • Photography instructor with the University of Calgary

My satisfaction comes with helping you generate an income you may never outlive. Act now and see how you can get started.

-Stefan Schulhof

Let Stefan and the Strategic Investment Realty program take the work and worry out of owning investment real estate. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our programs and current opportunities. 1.855.876.7334 ext. 106