Why invest in real estate

Helping You Create a Passive Income for Life

Over the coming years, baby boomers will be retiring or semi-retiring in larger and larger numbers. Yet, according to Statistics Canada a mere five percent of Canadians will do so either comfortably or wealthy. Even if you’re not in the baby boomer demographic, you need to ask yourself – Which segment of retirees will I fall into?

investment wealth diversification

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Many investors have lost faith in stock market-based investments and have turned to real estate as an inflation proof, hard asset that has the added benefits of cash flow and capital appreciation. The challenge is that although most people have made a considerable amount of money with their own home, many lack the knowledge, confidence and time to invest in additional real estate on their own.

Whether you're an active investor or prefer a more passive approach, the STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM has the opportunities and industry knowledge needed to help you succeed. Real estate is one of the four pillars of a well-balanced portfolio and we have the framework you need to either start investing or take your real estate portfolio to the next level. Let us help you create a passive income for life with a high performance portfolio of strategically selected, revenue-producing multifamily real estate.

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